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New Features of 2.1

This page introduces the new features and improvements of Cubism Editor 2.1.
For details of specific function, please refer to the according topic on the left menu.

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[ Independent Palette ] 
  • Palette tabs are able to float freely outside of Editor(both Modeler, Animator) (here for details)

[ Smart Polygons ]
  • Polygons are now efficiently generated upon importing the PSD texture file.
Solved the common issue where the illustration is distorted by the shape of the polygon, which saves effort in arranging polygons.

[ Selective Vertices Editing ]
  • You may now select specific vertices (hence polygons) to move, scale, or rotate. (details here)

[ Clip Mask Function ]
・Input the ID of another drawing object to make it the base, which the current drawing object becomes the clip on mask.
・Using comma separation to input multiple bases.

※ Caution: Clipping function requires more processing power. 
    Avoid over using them.

    In addition, to call the function in SDK applications,
    be sure to set the SDK version as 2.1 when you export the file.
    The configuration is on the top left of Modeler.

[ Add / Transfer Texture Material ]
  • During PSD import, you may add texture materials and transfer some texture parts over. (details here)

[ Texture Relocation ] 

[ PSD Re-import ]
  • It is now possible to re-import the PSD source file (details here)
・You may now patch the PSD source file that you've already import. 
・Re-import retains the reference link between the texture material and the drawing object on the canvas.

[ Right-click Menu Expansion ] 
・Added "Drawing Object Selection" for selecting a drawing object at the cursor's location
・Added "Lock" for locking / unlocking objects.
・Added "Show" for showing / hiding objects.

[ Document Settings ]
  • Settings for file saving, configuring the resolution (Number of Pixels) and canvas anchor (Placement) (details here)

[ Rotation Deformer Edit ]
  • Numerical input to configure the angle and scale (Zoom) of the selected rotation deformer (details here)

[ Revert to Original Shape]
  • Added a function of reverting a drawing object to its original state (details here)
・On the top menu, go to [Object], and select [Revert to original shape (maintain area)]
On the top menu, go to [Object], and select [Revert to original shape (original texture size)]

[ Drag-and-drop Deformer Configuration ]
  • In the Parts palette, you may drag-and-drop a deformer onto another deformer to establish the child-parent relationship.

[ Click-and-drag to Hide/Show, Lock/Unlock Multiple Objects ]
  • As you click down on one object's check box on the Parts palette, you may continue to drag through the list to apply the effect on multiple objects.  (details here)

[ Easy Parameter Configuration ]
  • Alt + Click-drag to instantly configure the parameter value(s) of the selected object. (Click on an empty area)

[ Polygon Reflect ]
  • In the Edit Texture dialog, on the top menu, [Polygon], added functions [Reflect Horizontally] and [Reflect Vertically]. (details here)

[ Increase the Size Limit of Export for the FREE Version ] 
  • The FREE version now offers up to 1280 x 720 px export. 

 Cubism Animator

[ Increase the Size Limit of Export for the FREE versoin]
  • The FREE version now offers up to 1280 x 720 px in both GIF and video export.