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New Features of 2.0

This page introduces the new features and improvements of Cubism Editor 2.0.
For details of specific function, please refer to the according topic on the left menu.

Please use an updated version of Live2D Viewer (compatible with 2.0) to view the model built in Editor 2.0.
To download, visit here .

    Feature Video

1. PSD Import

2. Apply Template to Your Model

3. Reflect Function

4. Enhanced Deformer Functions

5. After Effects Support

    Update Content Highlights

  • PSD(Photoshop) import, auto generate texture map, auto polygon assignment, and auto layout arrangement (beta test).
  • Apply Template tool.
  • Reflect tool (requires SDK 2.0).
  • Enhanced functions of copy (cut) and paste. 
    • Copy and Paste action on a deformer applies to all its child objects.
    • Carries along the parameter key values of each object.
  • Rotation Deformer now has scaling function.
  • Improved performance of "Automatically Generate Polygons" and "Maintain Outer Boundary" function.
    1.  Polygons are tidier.
    2.  Fixed the problem with generating polygons for blank area on the texture material  .
      • ※ Ctrl + R is the shortcut key for "Automatically Generate Polygon".
  • Ctrl + Right-click to input zoom factor value for scaling the selected drawing object.
  • A new "Add Point (β)" button at the Texture Editor, allowing click-and-drag to cut up polygons.
  • Lifted the limit on object placement beyond deformer boundary.
    • Child object placed outside of the parent deformer's boundary will still be displayed properly in Animator and SDK2.0 applications.
    • However, keeping objects within the boundary would still perform and display better.
    • It is recommended to not exceed the parent deformer boundary.
  • When deleting all the key values on a parameter, the model retains in the state of the current values. 
  • Software now available as 64-bit application
    • 32-bit version now offers more than 1GB max Java memory.
  • Built-in Java Runtime Environment upgraded from Java6 to Java7.
    • Expect improved processing speed.
  • Added a slider bar (left of canvas) for displaying and editing draw order.
  • Added the option "Delete deformer and its content" to [ Deformer ] on the top menu.
  • Added a graphical guide (top of canvas) showing the Deformer hierarchy of selected object.
  • Selecting an object is now visually prompted in the Parts palette and the Deformer palette.
    •  Added the "Link" button on Parts and Deformer palette
    •  Expands/collapses the family-tree to indicate the selected object.
  • The Edit palette is now responsive towards the selected object, whether it is a deformer or drawing object.
  • Deformer can now control the opacity of all its child drawing objects.
  • Improved the problem with drawing tablet which had trouble with pressing the +/- button on the key value edit palette.
  • When editing a deformer, holding down Alt while Click-and-drag the red frame allows the transformation pivot point to pin at the center. 
  • Improved the height auto adjustment of the Parameter palette.
  • improved the width auto adjustment of the name buttons on the Parameter palette.
  • Drag-and-drop image file into Modeler and menu "Open" an image file now prompts the option to proceed to Edit Texture.
  • Palettes in Modeler is now docked-palettes, similar to Animator.
  • Added the "Color leakage prevention" option to .moc export.
  • On the top menu, added under [ Tools ] the item "Launch texture noise removal tool" to clean up minor pixel dust on texture material.
  • Official launch of the multiply and screen blend modes function.  (Limited to platform)
  • Expand SDK target variety.

  • Improved the performance of Curve Editor
    • Allow to select and edit multiple points.
    • Ctrl+Drag scrolls sideways.
    • Fixed a bug where Parameter selection is canceled when switching edit mode.
    • Fixed a bug where ‘Shy’ (Hide Parameters) does not function with Curve Editor.
    • Fixed other minor errors.
  • Software now available as 64-bit application
    • 32-bit version now offers more than 1GB max Java memory.
    • QuickTime (video import/export) only works with the 32-bit version.
  • Built-in Java Runtime Environment upgraded from Java6 to Java7.
    • Expect improved processing speed.
  • Improved user guide when attempt to load a missing file.
    • Prioritize searching with relative path. 
    • "Skip All" option is now available.
    • Files with missing link are now displayed in red on the Material palette.
  • During a click-drag action, holding the Alt key now moves both the selected keys and all the following ones.
  • Fixed an issue where switching scenes with a stylus causes problem.
  • Each parameter and scene can now have individual fade-in / fade-out configuration.
    • Fade-in / fade-out effect is now embedded into the .mtn file and takes place when executing. 
    • Requires SDK 2.0 or above.
  • Improved the performance of motion data files (.mtn).
    • Reading an .mtn file now allows to selectively import parameters.
  • When replacing a material, the Track and Material palette now correspond accurately. 
    • When Material is re-named other than its file name, the new name preserves.
  • Added a button to remove a material along with all its content.
  • Improved the height auto adjustment of the Parameters palette.
  • Improved the length adjustment of the name buttons on the parameter palette.
  • Fixed the issue of freezing when an audio material is loading.
  • During video export, changed the UI to recommend using the multiple of 4,
  • Fixed the problem with unable to display markers.
  • Drag-moving palette is now made simple and easy. 
  • Fixed the problem where clicking on the key frame is difficult when the timeline is scaled small.
  • Removed the "Drag" palette.