Wondering what Live2D is?

    I'll give it a try!!

 ・ I want to build a Live2D mode for my character

Use Cubism Editor to create and animate your Live2D model

Cubism Editor

We recommend you to read the Tutorial for Beginners to learn the basics. 

If you wish to learn about the quick and handy features, please visit this tutorial.

If you wish to watch videos of seminar sessions, please visit this page. 

http://sites.cybernoids.jp/cubism2_en/video/workshop Live2D Seminars

 ・ I want to develop games and apps with Live2D models

To implement Live2D into your application, you can use the Cubism SDK (Software Development Kit).
Using Cubism SDK requires a subscription. Please visit this page to learn about the details.  

Cubism SDK

Developers (expert or beginner) to learn about implementing Live2D in Unity, please see this tutorial.