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07. Aiming For A Cleaner Crossfade Event

When the character switches from one pose to another, or one arm set to another, the fading effect on the parts may show exactly where they connect.
To avoid that, we can blur out some of the clunky parts for a smoother transition.

How to Blur the Overlapping Parts:

Left: the fade event without blur. Right: the fade event with blur.
[Click on the image below to view the transition GIF] 

This effect is created by gradually erasing the overlapping parts.

To do this: first select the object you would like to apply this to, for example [upper arm]

In the [Parts] palette, you can change the part's opacity,
clicking and dragging the number to the left decreases the value, and dragging it to the right increases the value.
For now, set it to 70% opacity.

You can do this to other parts that are touching it, so you can see where the overlap will be.

Using your illustration program, fade out or erase some of the more prominent parts that will show during the fading event, and then go to [Texture Edit] → [Replace Texture]

This way, the parts will not be too obvious during the fade event.
To see this effect in action, click on the image below to see the GIF.