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08. PSD Color Profile

When importing a [PSD] in a color profile other than sRGB it will not be executed correctly.

For that, we need to convert any non-conforming PSD file into sRGB using photoshop.

    Conversion Method

STEP 1. Profile Conversion

in Photoshop: go to the menu [Edit] → [Convert Color Profile] and select (V)
※ Note: only when profile is set to [None」)
In CLIPStudioPaint go to menu "View" → "color profile"> → "Preview settings"

STEP 2 . Verify the Color Profile

If the Source Color Space is set to sRGB (IEC61966-2.1 etc, then the file is originally sRGB
and you do not need to make any further changes
, click cancel.

STEP 3. Set the Source Color Space

If in STEP2 the result was anything other than sRGB, convert the file to sRGB in your respective art program.

STEP4. Conversion Options

You can set the preview image to be ON/OFF, it should not cause any problems using either.
If the artwork undergoes a massive color change you may need to consult the conversion details of your art program.
Detailed information on converting to sRGB is available in the photoshop documentations.