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02. Polygon Assignment Downfalls

There are some edits you can do to Polygons with the intention of fixing a problem, but instead cause more conflicts.

    Do Not Move Points 【Important!

While editing the polygons in the [texture edit] window with the intention of including more of the artwork into the object, make sure to not move the vertices! 

Moving the vertices will stretch the area between them, instead, you should add more vertices and connect them to the ones that already exist.
or remove older vertices and create new ones.

Let's look at this example using pictures:
What looks like this in the texture file

Will show up like this on the Canvas.
So if you move the points to encompass the whole object, it will stretch the artwork between the points as if you were resizing the polygons themselves.

On the canvas, this edit will appear distorted, as shown below:

The best way to go about this is to remove old vertices and create new ones at a better spot, or add more points and connect them to the ones already there.
In the image below, a point was removed (erased using the eraser tool), and a new one was created at a better spot around the object.

The canvas will show the contents of the polygons correctly without stretching them, so go ahead and make sure the whole object is encompassed to have the object show up correctly.

    Do Not Create Several Polygon Groups for One Object 【Important!

Each object must have only one group of polygons!
If you have more than one object assigned to several polygons in the texture file, they will be shown as one model part on the canvas.
This makes it difficult to edit and move parts, and will cause unwanted behaviors during the modeling and animating processes.


You can always remove the unwanted polygons from the texture file for the hair part, and then create a new part in the [hair side] folder by assigning new polygons to the pigtails and dragging the newly created object into it. [Click Here for more Info]

    Do Not Strictly Enclose the Artwork

Having the polygons stick too close to the artwork may cause undesired affects on the finished object,
as can be seen when zoomed in in the comparison picture.
It may not seem like a big deal when the model is on a normal zoom level, but once you get closer and closer it will become more obvious and unprofessional.
 The more the object moves, the more noticeable it may become. 

So instead of keeping close to the edges of the object, it's better to give some breathing room and make sure to include even the smallest pixels fairly.

    Polygons Make Up An Elongated Triangle

The general practice is to have as much of an even-sided triangle as possible,
If an object has unreasonably narrow triangles as polygons, the finished motion of the object may look strange and choppy.
It is better to add and change the way the points are laid out on the object to achieve a balanced polygon shape.

    Points Are Out Of Bonds

Some parts may have been saved into the texture file too closely to the edges,
make sure that all points and drawn artwork are within the texture file for them to be loaded properly.
You can either create newer points within the texture file, or change the margin between all the parts at once from the [Texture Edit] window.