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05. Changing the Deformer Divisions

Once a Curved Surface Deformer is created, the number of divisions cannot be changed.

However, there is a workaround for this, and it is by layering up another deformer of a similar size.

In the example below, we will change a 2x2 deformer into a 3 x 2.
This deformer is already controlled by X and Y parameters, and there are child deformers below it.

1) select the object you would like to change the deformer's divisions to, in this case it is the [bangs],
and click on [Create Deformer]

In the [Create Deformer] dialogue window, set the number of divisions to the number you would like to have.
in this case, it is 3x2

2) make sure to set the new deformer we are creating as a child of the deformer you want more divisions on.

Click [OK] to confirm.

You will be brought back to the canvas with the new deformer in place.

3) Press the ALT key on your keyboard when you resize the deformer,
this will ensure it is stretched around the center anchor.

Resize it until it is almost the same size as the parent, but make sure to leave a little space in case you needed to select it on the canvas.

4) Now select the [bangs] part and set it to the new deformer we just created.

5) Select the new deformer, and give it parameters on the X and Y axis.

This way, the deformer will inherit the movements from the parent deformer, and you can change them as you please with the new divisions.

6) Once you are done with the edits, the parent deformer with 2x2 divisions will not be needed, as the 3x2 child has inherited all modifications.

Select the parent deformer and press [Backspace] or [Delete] to remove it.


This way, we managed to create a 3x2 division deformer using what used to be a 2x2 one.