01. Material Setup

This page details the basic material creation process. Cubism Modeler requires a PSD file with the layers intact, Video Tutorials are available for this process as well. 

    Layering of the Character Model

The first step of creating any Live2d project is the model of the character we are going to move

You have the freedom to create your character with a face and body turned to the left, right, or straight at us.

and of course, a leaning or tilted character is fine as well.
It is possible to use any illustration with Live2d, even if it doesn't match all of the details mentioned below.

TIP : Image Size

It is important to consider the application or game where the model will be displayed
A size around 2000 pixels is generally easier to adapt into different display requirements.

If there is need to zoom in, it is even possible to use a larger size.

The free version limits you to a flat texture file of 2048 x 2048 pixels
So please be aware of that when deciding on the project size.

    Dividing the Parts into Groups

・You can move every related number of items into their own group. such as arms.

・The face parts could be separated into even smaller groups

The more parts you give the eyes, the better results you will achieve when modeling

    Filling in the Blanks

・It's important to fill in any parts hidden behind moving objects, because when those objects move, the missing colors will show!

・Keep in mind the parts that are hidden with irregular objects!
Because the missing parts will show when the object above them moves, coloring in the whole area below will give you more freedom in motions while modeling.

example: forehead

example: the eye pupil

example: the ear

Extending the ear, the neck, painting in the back of the arms and hair, these are all things you can do to increase the quality of your modeling and achieve a better final result.

parts that should blend into each other can have blurred edges!

    Parts that Hide Other Parts

・The white of the eye is drawn in full, but only a limited amount of it is shown because it is hidden by the eyelid parts which are skin-colored.

The side that connects to the eyelashes is not blurred, but the outside can be blurred to blend better with the rest of the skin.

TIPS : Can I Use a Clipping Mask?
With the Cubism 2.1 update, you do not need to create a separate eyelid layer to hide the eye white.
In Modeler, set the eye white as a clipping parent to the eye pupil, and it will do the job instead.

    Layers of the Mouth

・some parts of the mouth are hidden when it's closed,
like the tongue and teeth.

TIPS : Mouth Parts that Hide Other Parts
Just like the eyelids, we use skin-colored paint around the lips to hide the parts of the mouth in the layers below
Make sure that only the line of the lips is visible
It's only needed to have the layer of the lip cover the exact size of the open mouth below
it is important to have two separate parts, one for the upper lip, and another for the lower lip
and just like we did with the eyelids, the outside edges can be blurred to blend into the face better.