03. Creating the PNG Texture File

Cubism Modeler can import PSD images with layers, or you can create a flat PNG file yourself.
Here you will find the information needed to create the PNG Texture file.

Creating a PNG texture image

On a transparent canvas, layer the parts of the model anywhere there is space, making sure they do not overlap.

Image Size:
width and height should be 512, 1024, 2048, etc. any x2 of these canvas sizes will work.
※  it is recommended that you create the texture file in 1024 × 1024, unless there is a special reason such as high-resolution video projects that require high texture detail.

Number of Textures:
For applications, two or three 1024 texture files is best.
There are no set limitations otherwise, especially for video projects.
※ The free version has a limit of one 2048 pixel texture file.

TIPS : Notes on Texture Files

・When creating multiple texture files, keep skin parts together, hair parts together, and sets of clothes together. it will be easier to import and switch between them this way.
・Start by placing the bigger parts in, and then fit the smaller parts in the remaining gaps. 

・If possible, keep related parts closer together while minding the gaps between them to make sure they do not touch or overlap.
・Using several Texture files at the same time requires a lot of processing by Modeler, so whenever possible, try to keep the number of texture files used to the absolute minimum. 

When you are done, make sure to save the PNG file with a transparent background.