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03. The link to a PSD file

    Model data and the PSD layers are linked

When importing a PSD file into a project, the PSD file and parts are linked automatically.
That is why the link breaks when replacing a PSD file with a PNG texture file to add or replace parts.

You can confirm that the link between your model parts and PSD file is working correctly using the menu item [Texture] →Texture Reposition (C)

Objects correctly linked to the PSD file are highlighted with a light blue color.
Objects that have been incorrectly replaced or moved manually in the texture file will be highlighted with a green color.

What breaks the link between the PSD and Model parts

These conditions may cause the link between the PSD and your model parts to break:
  • Erasing all vertices from an object while editing the polygons.
  • Replacing a part with a PNG image as a texture file.
  • When the layers in the original PSD file are removed.
  • Renaming the PSD file after importing it.
Being mindful of the above points will help you avoid any problems that occur from a broken link.

  Layer association

If the PSD you are importing has one or more layers that have the same name, you will be prompted to distinguish between them in Modeler

When you import the PSD, a dialogue box of Layer Association will pop up

click on [original layer] on the left, and from the drop down list to the right, click [objects in PSD layers] 

Confirm that the object you are importing is using the correct layer, and click [OK].

Associating parts will continue to import the next layer(s) with the same name, simply match the object on the left to the PSD layer on the right and click OK. 

Once all the Layers are imported to the correct parts, you will see the PSD Import dialogue box below, it is explained at the beginning of this chapter in the user guide.
If there are no problems, click OK to confirm the PSD import.
※ Polygon settings on the left may not be edited if they are greyed-out.

The re-import of the PSD file with layers of the same name is a success!
let's take a look and confirm that everything is where it should be.

Let's look at the PSD link with the objects: Click on [Texture] → [Texture Reposition C]
The objects are highlighted in a light blue color, which means they are correctly linked to the PSD file.

This concludes the data on linking a PSD file to the model data inside Modeler.
sometimes the link between the PSD and part will not be broken even if some layers have the same names.
it is better to avoid naming layers the exact same name, you can add letters or numbers to distinguish between them.