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02. Importing and Exporting Parts

『Import/Export Parts』is useful to use with parts of models you want to use in several projects
You can save a part separately, open another project, and import it to use with the same functions.

TIPS : Notes on This Process
Parts are affected by deformers to keep the functionality, but that means that the
Parent-Child relationship must also be similar in the new environment they are imported into.
Different names and ID in the new environment may cause conflicts.
It is advised to import parts only to models that have a similar structure to the original model.
Or you may choose to release the exported parts from their parent deformers before saving them, and then adjust the hierarchy in the new environment manually. 

Also, please note that an exported part will be linked to it's texture file and parameter values.
If importing them is not desired, please adjust accordingly.
Some parts will also import an unnecessary amount of parameters from the previous model, please make sure to disable any unwanted parameter values before exporting.

    Importing Parts Of the Same Model

Parts can be managed from the [Parts Palette] window:
  1. Click on the Part you would like to save, it will select both the deformer and drawing object.
  2. Right click on the Part.
  3. Select [Save Part] from the menu.

It is important to select the part before right clicking! 
If you right click without selecting the part, Modeler will assume nothing is highlighted and will not actually
save the part to a file.

The part will be saved as a [CMP] type file, using a NAME_PARTS.cmp format.

To re-import a part to the current project, simply drag and drop the CMP file onto the canvas.

Importing the same part will prompt a dialogue box asking you to confirm the overwriting of parts that have the same names,
If there are no problems, click the OK button to import.

    Importing Parts to a Different Model

Let's try to apply the bangs (front_hair) of one model to another,

To make it easier to import without conflict, go to the [Parts Palette].
Click on the "Parts Settings" button,
and select the part you wish to export,
Click [Edit] at the bottom of the dialogue window, and the following window will appear:
(The ID of the part was modified to distinguish it as SHIZUKU's parts)

It is also useful to free it from the Parent deformer, which is a neck rotation deformer, so it can perform better in the new model.
Make the Deformer for the bangs "Reference Plain" to free it from all parent deformers.

Now click on the Bangs part to highlight it, and right click to bring out the menu. Select [Save Parts]. 

Now open the model that will receive the new part (Haru for example), and drag and drop the new part onto the canvas.
The new part will be imported, and will show up in the Parts tree view.

It will also import the linked texture file. You can take a look by opening the texture list and scrolling through the available files.

An imported part will also import the Key Forms, or parameter values that control it.
It's possible for an imported part to bring in a lot of unnecessary parameters, so please make sure to free it of
them before saving the part as well.
(or remove them manually from the [Set Parameter] list.