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03. Editing Parameters

Now that we've created Parameters, let's look at how to change them to fit different motions! 
Clicking on the Parameter slider will bring up the quick settings window, as shown below:
(This window can be moved)


This button will highlight all the objects controlled by this Parameter slider.

It is useful to change things in bulk, or to find out what objects are controlled by this parameter.

The highlighted objects will be different depending on which editing mode you have selected.
If you are on Object Mode [the arrow], then drawing objects will be selected. if you are using the Deformer Edit tool, deformers will be highlighted.


Will reverse the saved Key Forms from one end to the other.

This becomes useful when you want to change the way the object is deformed without redoing all of your work.

For example: The mouth movement is set as 0 for an open mouth, and 1 for a closed mouth.

Mouth open and close state : 0

 Mouth open and close state  : 1

To reverse it, click on the slider to bring up the quick menu, click the [Select] button to make sure the change will affect all parts,
and then click [Reflect] to reverse.

Now the Key Forms of all the objects have been transferred from 0 to 1, and from 1 to 0.
Now setting the red ball on 0 will show a closed mouth, and setting it on 1 will open the mouth, with the appropriate transformation between them handled automatically.

Mouth open and close state  : 0

Mouth open and close state  : 1


Moves the Key Form from one value to another while keeping your edits.
Only works when the controlled object is selected. 

Clicking on [Adjust] will bring up the Dialogue window of values.
You can edit the values in the right column by double clicking on them.

This is useful when you want to change the range, or the exact value of a Key Form Point, without redoing all of your deforming work.

It can be used to:
  1. Exchange one Key Form value to another to change the arrangement of motions on the slider.
  2. Adjusting the minimum and maximum range in general.

You can see the change below,
Setting the red ball on 0 on the slider is no longer in the center, and there is more range to the right of the slider where you can add more points.


Clicking this will move the current Key Forms from one Parameter to another,
the same object or deformer must be controlled by both parameters before this can work.  

Select the object, then click on the parameter slider to bring up the quick menu. Click on [Change]
This will bring up a dialogue window, asking you to choose which parameter you would like to move the Key Form Points to.

Now the Eyebrow will be controlled by the Right Eyebrow parameters rather than the Left Eyebrow parameters.