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02. Creating Parameters

Understanding how to create and Edit parameters is important, as your edits to the object or deformer are only recorded as a Key Form when the light is green.
(Creating Key Forms means you can cycle between different states of an object, as opposed to changing the default shape permanently by not using Key Forms)
Before making changes to an object or deformer, let's create some parameters!

    Method 1: The [Edit Parameter] Dialogue

The [Edit Parameter] Dialogue window only opens when an object or deformer is highlighted.
In this example, let's highlight the left eyebrow.

Once an object is highlighted, click on the parameter you would like to store it's values in.
Here, we are selecting the "BrowL Deform" parameter which is already available, or you can create it from the [Set Parameter] window.

Make sure that you are working with the "BrowL Deform" parameter, it should already be highlighted.

You can click on the scale to add Key Form points,
Here we are choosing to add one point at -1, one point at 0, and one point at 1.
You can add any points anywhere you want.
It is also possible to click one of the convenient buttons to create (3 points) or (2 points) automatically.

If you would like to delete a point, simply click on it again. 
Double clicking the numerical values allows you to change the exact numbers.

Once we've added our 3 points, we click OK.

Now the "BrowL Deform" parameter is highlighted in green in the Parameter Palette.
These three points are what will control the shape of the eyebrow, now the character can have three eyebrow expressions.

Creating parameters for the Left Eyebrow is a success!

    Method 2: The Parameter Slider Button

Select the object you would like to edit,
Here, we are using the left eyebrow again. 

Clicking on the parameter will open a small floating window with some settings, this window can be moved around while it is shown.
Slide the empty parameter point to either end of the scale and click the + button labeled number 1 in the image below. 

This way, you can add points anywhere on the scale right from the editing canvas.

Middle-click and Right-Click on the scale will snap to the nearest point, this makes it easier when working with points that have fractions or are difficult to land on using the slider.
It is also possible to slide the value point-by-point by clicking and dragging the value in the box (here it is 1.00)

[Select] Will highlight all the objects controlled by this Parameter slider.
[Adjust] Moves the Key Form from one value to another while keeping your edits, Only works when the controlled object is selected.
[+] Will add a point to the current location of the red slider ball.
[-]Will remove the point from the current location of the red slider ball.
[Reflect] Will invert the saved Key Forms from one end to the other, so if the face was looking (left, center, right), it will change to looking (right, center, left).
[Change] will move the current Key Forms from one Parameter to the other, the same object must be controlled by both parameters before this can work.  

The next page contains more details on these functions.