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01. Model With Interchangable Arms

In the Sample Models page, the character (Haru) has two sets, set A and set B

The first idea that comes to mind when creating a character with two or more parts that can be switched, is to create a parameter for it.
In theory, it will work this way: sliding the parameter will hide arms A and show arms B, and sliding it in the other direction will hide arms B and show arms A.
But what about when we want to have the arms move?
This will require even more parameters, and this may cause conflict and unexpected results.

This is why we would suggest creating two different "sets" of arms that can be switched on and off instantly, without any fading or parameters.

In Modeler, create your character with all sets of arms available, as shown below
and simply hide and show each set in the [Parts] palette tree view.

腕セットA・B 両方表示 腕セットA腕セットB

It is always possible to show and hide parts in Animator and other apps,
So when working in Modeler, it is better to work with each set separately and not worry about the switching process. 
To make the process easier and simpler, it is possible to have each set of arms (or any parts of any model) in it's own group.

Creating .moc files of such models require that all parts be shown when running the [Export to MOC] wizard! 

If arm set B was hidden when exporting the MOC file, only set A will be available in the exported model data.
Even if you try to show set B later using that MOC file, it will not be displayed.

When saving your model with the intention of using it in Animator (file extension will be .cmox) it is recommended to have all desired parts shown, and once imported into Animator you can hide and show them there.

Please click through to read more about 「working with switchable parts in Animator.