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03. Target Settings

While exporting a [Moc] file, you have the option to set specific settings to fit your desired model functions, such as texture sizes and names.
This is useful for models created to be used on different machines and screens, or to enforce a specific aspect and texture size on everything.

    Choosing Target Settings Manually

             You can set the size and file name of the texture files when exporting the moc file.

Here, as an example, we will set the texture to export as 1024px and 2048px.

Additional Targeting

From the top menu, select [File] → [Target Settings]

The [Target Settings] dialog box will pop up.

To add a new target setting, click the [Add] button.

The [Texture Settings] dialog box will pop up.
The window contains a copy of the default settings, so we will change this by first renaming the new target settings to 2048.

Once renamed,

Delete all the texture files except for the 1024 sized one.

Now click the [Add] button at the bottom to create a 2048 option.

The [Texture Output Settings] popup window will appear.

Change the export size to 2048 from the drop down list at the top.
The path should be 「${MOC_NAME}.2048/texture_${TEX_INDEX}.png」
Or you can copy an paste the path from the 1028 texture file settings.

Click Ok to confirm the changes on this window.

TIPS: variables that can be used in the output path

When deciding the path and file name of the texture, you can click on the [Variables] button to bring out the possible variables you can use.
Use these variables to set the path and file name in any way you would like.

With this process we have created a 2048 texture file settings,
click [OK] to confirm all changes.

When you're back to the [Target Settings] window,
you will see the new target we have created [2048]
Click [OK] to confirm.

Confirm The Changes With a Test MOC Export

Let's confirm that everything is working properly by exporting a moc file to test
Click on [File] → [Export .moc File]

In the export settings, you will now see there is an option for [2048] sized texture file, select that from the drop down list.
Click [OK] to confirm the export after setting any other options you need.

Now Modeler will export two sizes of texture files for the same model, the default target, and the new target (set to 2048px).