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04. SDK Target Settings

    SDK Target Settings

Live2D SDK possibilities are "SDK1.0", "SDK2.0" "SDK2.1" for now.
For the model to function properly, you need to set the SDK used in Modeler.

【 Setting the SDK Version 】

At the top left, just under the [File] menu, there is a drop down list with possible SDK versions to choose from.
It is better to set the desired SDK version from the start, as it will reduce any conflict later in the modeling and live animating process.

Cubism Modeler 2.1 can also work with [SDK 2.0]、and [SDK1.0]. It allows you to change it when working with older or newer models, according to your needs. 
Please note that it is better to set the SDK version before you begin working on your new model.

Each SDK version has it's own functions, setting your work space to an older version will not support some functions introduced in newer versions.

 SDK2.1 SDK2.0
  • Clipping mask
  • Multiply, Screen
  • Mirror and Flip
  • Setting the transparency of deformers
  • Scale deformers
  • Scale rotation deformers
  • Start Fade settings in the Animator

    SDK Version Comparison

[Difference between SDK1.0 and SDK2.0]
SDK 1.0 allows for some functions but not others, so if you set your project to work with it, you will not have access to some SDK 2.0 functions such as rotation and mirror.

Attempting to use those functions while set on SDK 1.0 will produce an error message like the one below

The shape of the Rotation Deformer will also be different

SDK 2.0 SDK 1.0

SDK 1.0 does not allow the child deformer to extent past the constrains of the parent deformer.
※If, while working with SDK 1.0, the contents of the child deformer become invisible. it is possible to temporarily switch to SDK 2.0 to correct the situation.

SDK 2.0 SDK 1.0

【The difference between SDK 2.0 and SDK 2.1】
SDK 2.0 does not support the Clipping Mask function introduced in SDK 2.1, and this applies to every other app that requires support of SDK2.1 to properly show the clipping mask effect.

While working with the version SDK2.0, the Clipping Mask feature will be disabled.

  Exporting the MOC File

When exporting, make sure the first setting in the export wizard is set to the correct version you were using during the modeling process.
for example, if you were working with SDK 2.1 , make sure the moc file will be exported using the same version: SDK 2.1

(The SDK is usually set automatically, but may need to be double-checked if you've changed any of the target settings)