02. Texture Reposition B (Legacy)

※ After the update to Modeler2.1, this function is no longer supported and is provided in the user guides as a legacy method. please refer to Texture Reposition C for the most recent tools.

It is possible to move items in the texture file itself, or from one texture file to the other.

In this page we will explain the Texture Reposition B method (legacy)

POINT 【What's the Difference Between Tools A and B ?】
Texture Reposition B has the same functions as A, but it allows you to [undo].
It is also possible to work simultaneously on two texture files at once.
Functions unavailable in tool :
      • Locate a part from one texture file to another.
      • Duplicate parts.
      • Overlap one part over the other.

    Using The Texture Relocation B Functions

【 STEP 1 】
From the [Texture] menu, go to → Texture Reposition (Legacy Method) → Texture Reposition B

【 STEP 2 】
The Texture Editing Window will pop up.
Items will be highlighted in green indicating that they can be moved.

【 STEP 3 
The tabs at the top show the textures that can be worked with.

【 STEP 4 
Move parts by clicking and dragging them around the canvas.

TIPS 【Move More Than One Part!】
It is possible to select several parts to move them all at once by selecting them on the canvas with the mouse.

【 STEP 5 】
It is possible to increase and decrease the sizes of parts by dragging the corner points and clicking the [Confirm] button.

【 STEP 6 】
Click the [OK] button to confirm all the changes.
You will be taken back to the canvas with your edits.

TIPS 【Undo and Redo】
Unlike Texture Reposition A, it is possible to undo and redo the edits in B.
The buttons at the top < and > are the undo and redo buttons.
[ < ]button is Undo.
[ > ]button is Redo.