03. Texture Reposition (C)

The option to use Texture Reposition (C) tool was introduced at Modeler 1.2
It enables the user to rearrange the components of a texture file, or move parts of it to another texture file altogether.

If the link with the PSD file is still active (blue highlight on parts) then it is possible to rotate and scale parts without affecting the quality of the artwork.
If the link has been broken, or a PNG texture file was imported to begin with, then some distortion of the artwork may happen with repeated scaling and rotating of parts.

    Using Texture Reposition (C) Tool

In the [Texture Menu] click on → [Texture Reposition (C)]

This will open up the dialogue window for the most recent Texture Reposition tool introduced in Modeler 1.2
This tool allows you to relocate any drawing object to a different location in the texture file, or to another texture file of your choosing.

Moving Texture Parts

Select the object you would like to move, and drag it to the new location

Moving Multiple Parts All At Once

You can draw a selection box around the parts you would like to move, and click+ drag to relocate them all at once.

Scale and Resize

You can drag the corner of the selection box of a drawing object to resize it, or rotate the whole box to fit it anywhere.

It is also possible to write a specific value in the rotation and scale boxes to keep things consistent.

Move the Object to Another Texture File

You can move drawing objects to the other texture files in your project, or if your project only has one texture file, create a blank new one!

1. Select the object you would like to move
2. simply select the texture file you would like to move it to, and it will be cut+pasted to the new texture in the same location

Once the move is done and the drawing object is where you would like it to stay, click anywhere on the empty canvas to deselect the object. this completes the moving process.

Once you are finished moving all the objects you would like to relocate, confirm the changes by clicking [OK] in the dialogue window.