02. Texture Editing Functions

    Texture Editing Basics

Texture files imported to Modeler are flat, so we need to have more information about the parts they contain in order to manipulate them easily.
Editing the texture file in the editor allows us to surround the parts with vertices and lines (polygons) to turn them into Drawing Objects that modeler can work with.

To open the Texture Editor, click on the button on top of the canvas: Edit Texture. or click on the part you would like to edit and click [Edit Texture] to go directly to that part.
The polygons assigned here are the ones that will show up as movable model parts in the canvas, and can be modified at any time.

    Basic Operation

to Add Vertices
Click anywhere


When you add a vertex to the canvas, it is connected to the one that was placed before it with a possible line.

Adding dots where two lines might cross disables the possible connection

To Remove a Vertex
Hold Alt + Click on the vertex you would like to remove

To Create Radial Vertices
Shift + Click
(This focuses the creation process around a single vertex)

To Delete a Line
You can delete the vertex that connects to the line
Or you can change mode to [Edit Line] and remove or add lines directly.

Moving Polygons
Ctrl+Click on the vertex
The texture will be stretched in the original model if you move the vertices
If you would like to increase or decrease the size of a polygon, please remove the old vertex and create a new one in the new location.



Automatically Generate Polygons From Point
Ctrl + R
Or, click the button: [automatically generate polygon from point] from the menu on the left
or, rick click on the canvas and select the only menu option: [automatically generate polygon from point]

    Texture Editor Menu

To the left you can find tools to automate and modify the texture editing process for your convenience


You can choose actions from the [Edit] menu in the upper-left corner.
             You can also check the shortcut keys.

The [Polygon] menu allows you to create polygons automatically, or reflect and mirror the selected points.


Insert Point (A)
It is the basic tool to place points (or vertices) of the polygon on a flat texture file.

Edit Line (D)
Switches to the tool that only adds and removes lines without changing the placement of vertices.
It creates a line between two dots by clicking on them in order.
You can delete a line by simply clicking on it again.

Move (F)
Drags the point to where you would like to place it.

Add Points (G)
This tool adds points to lines by Click + Dragging it across them.
It automatically adds a vertex in the middle-point between two vertices and connects them all.

Eraser (E)
Removes Vertices
You can change the size of the eraser radius by pressing Tab + dragging the mouse.

            Generate Line When Point Is Inserted 
            If checked: Creates the line between two points automatically as they are added.
            If unchecked: Only vertices will be created an a line will not be generated.

            Divide Polygon into Four
            When you click the button, it will divide any existing polygon to have four points automatically.

Automatically Generate Polygons From Point
When you click the button, it will automatically create lines between the vertex to generate polygons.
There are two options for controlling the automatic generation:

[Reconfigure Polygon]
When enabled, adds lines to vertices not connected to others and changes existing lines to create more uniform polygons.
When disabled, only adds new lines without changing existing ones.

[Maintain Outer Boundary]
When enabled, automatically generates polygons while maintaining the lines connecting the outer vertices.
Irregular parts (eyelashes, hair, etc.) may benefit from having their outer polygons set manually, so this options may be disabled or enabled depending on your needs.
(You may need to manually set the outer boundaries of the parts before running the automatic generation of polygons with this option enabled.)


Select Image
Allows you to select the Texture file to edit within the current project


Undo / Redo

              The editor automatically updates, but click this button in the rare occasion that it did not.


Lock Click
When Checked, disables the free moving of points while editing, so you will need to use the [Move] tool to do so.
When Enabled, you can move points at any time while working (even accidentally)
To avoid moving points on accident, please make sure to keep this option checked.

Show Point Index
Displays a number on each point to show the arrangement of placement.

Select Range at the Time of Click
You can specify a range to be adsorbed into the vertices and lines when you click.
It makes it easier to increase and decrease the value when vertices and lines are concentrated.