04. Soft Selection Tool

    How to use the Soft Selection Tool

The Soft Selection Tool makes it more convenient and natural to deform objects.
it also eliminates the need to move the vertices one-by-one, or struggle to capture each vertex in a polygon-heavy object.

It is available in the tool bar just above the canvas, as is highlighted below: 

The cursor will look like a small black circle surrounded by a larger green circle, like this:

If you have used a pray-paint brush in art programs, this will feel very familiar!

While pressing the TAB key on your keyboard, dragging the mouse UP or RIGHT will enlarge The range. 
And dragging the mouse LEFT or DOWN will shrink the range. 

Click on the vertices you want to move, they will be highlighted.
Grab any one of the highlighted vertices and drag them to where you want them to move.

As shown in the image above, some boxes have a heavier red than others.
Heavy-colored boxes have more effect when moved, and light-colored boxes have less effect.

It will be easier to grab vertices using the Arrow Tool.

This way, we can deform objects softly to create more uniform curves.
As of Modeler 1.2, it is also possible to press CTRL on your keyboard and use the selection box to move, shrink, expand, and rotate the selected vertices as if they were a separate object.

If you would rather have a hard selection, though, it is still possible to use the Lasso Tool to select any vertices you would like to deform without any airbrush effect.