03. Deform Path

Some objects, like a ponytail or an actual tail, could use smoother deforming tools: The Deform Path!

This tool adds several points of deformation to create a gradual movement along the curve(s).

    Linking the Path to the Drawing Object

This is the tool to create Deform Paths.

To create a path along an object, first select the drawing object for it to be highlighted, and then click on the tool button.

With the tool in hand, draw a line to represent the desired wavy movement of the object, think of it as a spine.

If done correctly, you can pull on the edge of the deform path to see how the object is tugged along.
It should move point-by-point depending on how hard you pull.

If it did not work because the deform path and the drawing object were not linked correctly, you will see that the deform path will move but the object will remain still.

Deform Paths are treated as drawing objects, you can find them in the [parts] tree view when you expand the drawing object list.

  Assigning Parameters to Deform Paths

To assign parameters to objects with Deform Path links、you must select both the drawing object AND the deform path object, and then create the nodes on the parameter slider .

In the image above, the deform path is 「D_HAIR_BACK_03」, and the drawing object (ponytail) is 「D_HAIR_BACK_02」
click both in the list until they are highlighted, then activate the nodes.
let's activate them on the 'Hair_side wave' parameter slider.

Three nodes were activated, -1, 0, 1. with 0 being the default or neutral state.

In the example, we will make -1 as a wave to the left, and 1 as a wave to the right.