08. Synthesize Corners

If your model already has functioning Key Forms in the nodes that control the Up, Down, Left, and Right motions, then you're halfway done with this part of the model!
The PRO version of Modeler gives you the option to automatically generate the 4 corners of the joined Parameter sliders, meaning the upper left, lower left, upper right, and lower right points can be created using data from the main points around them.
This option is limited in the FREE version.

In this example, we will be generating the four shapes of the model's (Haru) face as she turns it in each direction.

    How to use the Synthesize Corners tool

First, make sure you are satisfied with the face in the Up, Down, Left, Right, and Center (default) positions.





Just to make sure the tool will not skip over any important parts, make sure that all Drawing Objects and Deformers are possible to edit.
You can do that by clicking the [Lock] icon on top of the tree view in the [Parts] palette. This will unlock all items at once.
If you click it again, it will lock everything.
So make sure that all items are unlocked at this step, and that there are no lock icons net to any parts in the tree.

Go to the top menu → [Parameters] → [Synthesize Corners]
Or use (CTRL + ALT + B) on the keyboard.

The [Synthesize Corners] dialogue window to control the functions will pop up.

Select the two parameters you would like to blend from the first box.
Since we are generating the corners on the face, we will leave the default values in, [ANGLE_X] and [ANGLE_Y].

This tool functions with a requirement: both parameters must contain at least 3 points. The joined parameter sliders must contain a minimum of 9 points for this tool to work properly. 
If you attempt to blend the corners of two parameters, where one does not contain 3 points, the blending process will not go through.

The second box allows you to select the items affected by the blending process.
Generally, you want to work with All Drawing Objects and Deformers, but the drop down list gives you the option to control only deformers, only drawing objects, and only selected items.

Click the [OK] button for the process to start, and check the shape of the face in the four corners of the joined parameter sliders.
To join the parameters, click on the blue rectangle to the left of each Parameter slider's name box. Click again to seperate them.
To snap onto a node on the slider, right click or middle click it.

Once you've gone through the generated corners, you may notice that the model requires some modifications.
Feel free to change the locations and shapes of parts until the model looks exactly as you want it to.

This way, we managed to create the four corners of the model by creating a mid point between the nearest ones, saving the time it would have taken us to do it from scratch every time.
Here is the end result.