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02. Drawing Object Placement

When your project is based on a flat PNG texture file, you will need to manually arrange the parts on the canvas.
For more information on using a Guide Image, please Click Here

Using a PSD file to import the texture eliminates the need to manage the drawing object placement yourself,
because the importing process arranges the parts exactly where they are in the PSD file, while still giving you the freedom to change them if you'd like.
Please keep in mind that automatically arranging parts according to the PSD file requires an active link between the parts and the file within Modeler.

   Texture Placement

Click on the part you would like to insert onto the canvas using the [Parts] palette, and then click on the [Texture List] button.
For example, here we will be adding a 'Face' part.

The image selection dialogue window will open.
If you don't already have a texture, you must first add one using the [Select File] button.
Choose the PNG file with the parts of the model, and click OK.

Once the Texture file is loaded, click on it.

In the Texture Edit window that appears, you will get the chance to draw the polygons on the part you are importing onto the canvas, in this example, we are importing the [Face] part.
After adding all the vertices and lines to the model part, click OK to load it onto the drawing canvas, now you have a Drawing Object! 

※ For details on Editing Textures, please click here.


The new Drawing Object will be loaded onto the canvas with a selection box around drawn around it.

Move the new Drawing Object to where it belongs on the canvas following the Guide Image, you can also scale the object up or down as you like.