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03. Guide Image

    Using a Guide Image

You can load a sketch or Guide Image file to Modeler to help you with the placement of parts,
This makes it easier to work with PNG texture files, and also useful in other Modeling scenarios where a guide image may come in handy to keep the character consistent throughout all movements.
To load a Guide Image, simply drag and drop the image file from the explorer onto Modeler's main canvas.

A dialogue window will appear for you to choose which type of image you would like to load. 
Select the right button labeled [Guide Image] and click OK. 

The image will be placed in the [Guide Image] folder in the [Parts] palette.
Guide images are loaded at 25% of the size by default, so feel free to scale and resize the image to fit the model size of your choice.

Once you are done manipulating the Guide Image, you may want to [Lock] it in place to avoid accidentally editing it while placing materials on the canvas to work on your model.

TIPS : If the Guide Image Isn't Clear Enough
If your machine is capable, you may want to work with the original high-quality version of your Guide Image and parts,
To do that, go to the top menu and click [Show] → [High Quality Mode].