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04. Drawing Order

    About Drawing Order

Each Drawing Object has a distinct Drawing Order.

Possible z-order values range from 0 ~ 1000 , with objects of higher numbers shown on top.
If two or more objects have the same drawing order, their placement will be set depending on which is listed above the other in the [Parts] palette.
In which case, the objects at the bottom of the [Parts] list will be shown above the objects at the top of the list.

Drawing Order is a value, and thus can be assigned a Key Form and changed with Parameter sliders, just like moving and deforming.

  Setting the Drawing Order

The Drawing Order of an object can be seen as a value in the [Edit] palette, labeled "Draw Order".

Most Objects are imported with a default Drawing Order,

To change it, click on the object, then click + drag the value in the box in the [Edit] palette.

TIPS : Change the Value In Increments
You can change the drawing order meticulously by clicking the triangle next to the value box, you can go up or down 1, 10, or 100 layers until you hit the minimum or maximum values possible.

  Drawing Order Bar

You can see the Drawing Order Bar on the left side of the canvas,

if an object is selected, you will see a red marker that tells you what it's z-order is.

You can drag the marker up and down to change the Drawing Order of the object directly.
(Changing the order may not be possible in specific situations)

Use ALT + Drag to change the Drawing Order in 10 point increments.
You will have more control if you drag left or right to change the value slowly.

If you have selected multiple parts, more markers will appear on the Bar.

If you have selected parts one-by-one, the last one will be marked red.

TIPS : Changing Drawing Order Swiftly
「Alt」+Drag : Change the value in increments of 10
Left-Right Drag    : Change the value slowly