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03. Creating Deformers (Rotation)

      Rotation Deformers are used to control the Rotation of parts, similar to [bones] in 3d modeling.
      A rotation Deformer is named after it's main function, but it also possible to use it to scale, move, and change the transparency of objects.

     Rotation Deformer Functions

  • Rotate
    Using the handle, is used to rotate a part, or a parent to a group of parts, without affecting any other values. Used mostly for the neck, shoulders and elbows.
  • Scale
    Dragging the circular circumference of the deformer scales the object up or down.

1. Select the part you would like to create deformers to, and select [Create Deformer]

2. In the popup dialogue window, select the [Rotation Deformer] button.

3. Adjust the position of the Deformer so the center is aligned with the source of rotation.

4. Adjust the rotation of the object to the desired default orientation.

5. Select the Object and in the [Parts] palette, click the drop down list and set the Deformer to be the Parent.

6.Moving the deformer will manipulate the part, to re-adjust the deformer without affecting the object, use CTRL+ Drag.

7.To adjust the length of the handle, use ALT+ Drag

    Creating a Rotation Deformer in Quick Mode
Please refer to the previous page where creating a Curved Surface Deformer in Quick Mode is explained in detail.

    Curved Surface Deformer HotKeys

Dragging the mouse while holding down a hotkey on the keyboard enables you to edit the rotation deformers without affecting the drawing object, or to affect it in a very specific way.
For more information, please refer to the following chart:

Rotation Handle

Rotation Circle
 · Drag  Rotates the object in the desired direction
 Scales the Object
 · Shift + Drag  Rotates the object in 45 degrees increments
 · Alt + Drag  (Without affecting the drawing object) Modifies the length of the rotation handle.
 · Alt + Shift + Drag  [None]  [None]
 · Ctrl + Drag  (Without affecting the drawing object) Rotates the handle
 (Without affecting the drawing object) Scales the deformer's circumference
 · Ctrl + Alt + Drag  (Without affecting the drawing object) Modifies the length of the rotation handle
 · Ctrl + Shift + Drag  (Without affecting the drawing object) Rotates the deformer in 45 degrees increments  [None]
 · Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Drag  [None]  [None]