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04. Editing Tools

    About the Editing Tools

The toolbar contains three tools that can make the editing process easier.
They are [Lasso selection], [soft selection], and [deform path]

    Lasso Tool

Selecting any area on the canvas using this tool will highlight all the vertices available in that location

Clicking [SHIFT] key while making the selection will only highlight the vertex on the currently selected Drawing Object. 

  Soft Selection Tool

This tool works like a brush, and highlights vertices with varying degrees of weight

The Darker the red box appears within the selection, the more affected it is with the editing
The lighter selection boxes will be affected less.

Pressing the [TAB] button on the keyboard while dragging the mouse across the screen will minimize and maximize the size of the soft selection brush to fit your editing need.

    Deform Path Tool

Using this tool on the canvas will create a path for the deformation to follow

If associated with a Drawing Object, it can make the process of creating Key Forms easier.

Please refer to this page to learn more about the Deform Path tool.