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06. Keyboard Shortcuts

    About Keyboard Shortcuts

By pressing a key on the keyboard, you can immediately perform a variety of operations as a shortcut to using the main menu items.

To customize the hot keys, go to [Edit], in the top main menu, and choose [keyboard shortcuts] from the bottom of the menu.

    Menu Shortcut Keys

Create New File
 Ctrl + N
Open File
 Ctrl + O
Apply Template
 Ctrl + Shift + T
Save As
 Ctrl + S
Save  Ctrl + Shift + S
Export as an Image
 Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S
Exit Modeler
 Alt + F4

 Undo  Ctrl + Z
 Redo  Ctrl + Y
 Select all  Ctrl + A
 Cut  Ctrl + X
 Copy  Ctrl + C
 Paste  Ctrl + V
 Delete  Delete
 Copy Shape  Ctrl + Shift + C
 Paste Shape  Ctrl + Shift + V
 Blend Shape  Ctrl + Shift + B

 Hide selected state  Ctrl + H

 Lock the selected object  Ctrl + 2
 Lock All other than selected object
 Ctrl + Shift + 2
Unlock All
 Ctrl + Alt + 2
 Hide selected objects  Ctrl + 3
 Hide all other than the selected object  Ctrl + Shift + 3
 Show all  Ctrl + Alt + 3
 Zoom In/Out by specifying  magnification  Ctrl + R
 Bring the selected object to the front  Ctrl + Shift +]
 Bring the selected object to the front  Ctrl +]
 Bring the selected object to the back  Ctrl + [
 Bring the selection object to the back  Ctrl + Shift + [
 Map deform path  Ctrl + D
 Make deform path effective
 Ctrl + Shift + D

 Create deformers  Ctrl + G
 Delete deformer and it's contents
 Ctrl + Delete

 Edit Texture
 Ctrl + T

 Synthesize corners
 Ctrl + Alt + B
Restore parameter selections to default
 Ctrl + P

     Editing Mode Shortcut Keys

Mode switching
 Drawing object edit  A
 Lasso  S
 Edit Deformers  G
 Drag scale  D
 Mode switching  F
※ mode switching is a shortcut to alternate between editing modes interchangeably.
※ Dragging the canvas while holding down the D key will scale the canvas by 1% increments.
 (Using CTRL + Space + Click will zoom in at 100% increments, and using Ctrl + Alt + Space with Click will zoom out at 100% increments)

Editing functions
 Switching between parameter sets  C
 Parameter set 1  One
 Parameter set 2  Two

Editing Polygons
 Automatically generate a polygon from point  Ctrl + R