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10. Parts Palette

    Introducing the Parts palette

Parts palette displays the family-tree of all the drawing objects and defomer of the current project.
It has functions such as locking, hiding drawing objects, and monitoring parent-child relationship between all objects.

    Basic Controls

 Operation Function
 "+" button Expands tree
 "-" button Collapses tree
 Display box (eye icon) Hides / shows drawing object
 Lock box (key lock icon) Locks / unlocks drawing object or deformer
 Object select
 (Shift + left click to select all in range, Ctrl + left click to  add to multiple selection) 
 Select the drawing object or deformer, or all of those that  belongs to a "part"
 Select object + Delete key Delete the selected object

When you select an object on the parts palette, the object is also selected on the canvas.

  Show / Hide and Lock / Unlock

To hide or show/unhide an object, click on the eye icon next to the object. 
To lock or unlock an object, click on the lock icon.

In addition, by click-dragging through the icons of multiple objects, you may apply the effect to all those objects simultaneously. 

  Setting parent-child relationship of deformers

One way to set the deformer's parent deformer by drag-and-dropping it onto another deformer.

  Group Operation 

The top of the palette has several group operation buttons. 

 Operation Function
 "-" button Collapse all expanded branches
 Display box (eye icon) Hide / show all drawing objects
 Lock box (key lock icon) Lock / unlock all objects
 Link display button (two ways  arrows) When enabled, upon selecting an object on the canvas, the tree would  automatically expand the link from the "part" to the selected object.
 Parts settings button Opens Parts settings dialogue for additional operational management  and sorting.
 > button (Display Group) Allows to create, edit, or delete display groups. Display group saves a set  data of display state (of objects) and allows you to switch between easily.

[ Display Group ] An example that shows "Hair group A" and "Hair group B" registered as two display groups, setting visibility of different hair parts.


  Parts Settings

The following window appears when pressing on the Parts Settings button.
You may do management work the parts, such as add, edit, delete, or sort.

 Operation Function
 New Parts button Adds a new part
 Edit button Edit the values of the selected part
 Duplicate button         Duplicate the selected part
 Delete button Delete the selected part
 Up button Move the selected part up a roll
 Down button Move the selected part down a roll
 > button Display a list of parts and details in text

The following window appears when you press "New parts", "Edit", or "Duplicate". This is where you input the values for a part.

When you click on the [ > ] button, [ Display in text ] button appears. The list shows all the current Parts' ID and name.