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13. Parameter Palette


Parameter palette is a control panel that registers the shapes of the objects on the canvas.
Combination of the parameter values give movement to parts and thus creating facial and body expressions.

  Basic Control

 Operation  Function
 Refine Search  Checking the box would only display parameters that consist an active key in  the selected object. 
 Set Parameters button  Opens the Set Parameter dialog.
 > button  Restores default value to all parameters.
 Parameter buttons (Names such as Angle X,  Left Eye Open and Close, etc.)  Opens the Edit Parameters dialog. 
 Box to the left of each parameter  Click on the box to combine the parameter with the one immediately below to  form a dual-control panel.

 Left-click and drag on the parameter bar  Registers the current value of the parameter.
 Right-click on the parameter  Magnet-snaps to a nearby key value.
 Snapshot button  Check the box to display a snapshot of your model in the state of a saved set
 of parameter values.
 Save button  Saves the current set of parameter values as your snapshot state.
 1 and 2 button  Allows to switch between the 1st and 2nd set of parameter values.

  Edit Parameter dialog

Each parameter can be edited in the Edit Parameter dialog. Click on the name to open it.

In here, you may add, edit, or delete key values on the parameter.

 Operation  Function
 Set Parameters button  Opens the Set Parameters dialog
 Parameter scale bar  You can register or delete the key value by clicking on the  scale. Uncheck the "Align With Ruler Marks" box to register  key on values other than the preset scaling points.
 Add 3 Keys  Adds a key on the min, mid, and max point of the scale
 Add 2 Keys  Adds a key on the min and max point of the scale.
 Delete All Keys  Delete all the registered key values.
 New button  Input a value to register a key value, within or beyond the  registered boundary.
 Edit button  Edit the value of a selected key value.
 Delete  Delete the selected key value.

When an object on the canvas is selected, a green dot on the parameter represents a registered key value.

  Parameter pop-up menu

Clicking on a parameter on the Parameter palette opens a pop-up menu (see below).

Adjustments for the key value can be done in this menu.

 Operation  Function
 Select all the objects affected by this parameter slider.
 Selection of drawing object or deformer depends on the current edit mode (mouse pointer shape).
 Reflect  The minimum and maximum values in this parameter slider will be reversed, so instead of (1 to 0) it will go (0 to 1).
 Shows the registered Key Forms in this parameter slider, and gives you the option to change them.
 Change  Moves the current Key Forms to another Parameter, such as from Left_Eye to Right_Eye.
Numerical Parameter value
 You can see the current parameter value in the gray box.
 If you enter a number here, the parameters of the slider is moved to the exact position of the value.
 You can also increase or decrease the value by click+ dragging the text box.
To select a specific parameter point, middle click or right click on it with the mouse pointer.
 + Button  Adds a new Key Form value to the selected spot.
 - Button  Removes the Key Form value from the selected spot.

  Parameter Settings

Clicking the parameter setting button shows the following dialog window.

It shows a list of current Parameters, and allows you to add, remove, edit, and text-list Parameters.

 operation  Content
 New Value
 Create a new parameter.
 Edit the selected parameter.
Removes the Parameter from the list permanently and remove any Key Forms it contains.
 Up button
 Moves the selected parameter one slot higher.
 Down button
 Moves the selected parameter one slot lower.
 > Button  This displays a list of parameters in text form.

Clicking the Create Parameter, or Edit Parameter buttons, a dialogue window will pop up:

Clicking the [>] Button will show another button [Display in Text] .
Clicking it will show a list of current parameters, names, and their values, all in text form.