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08. Palette windows

    About Palette windows

The Parameter, Avatar, Notes, and all other palettes available in the work area can be moved around by grabbing and dragging that window's label.
You can dock them on either side of the screen, or float them around to enable more canvas space.
Dragging a Palette window between two others will nest it in-between them.


Dragging a palette window on top of another one will add it as another tab to that same window's location.


You can hide palette windows you do not want by right clicking the label to [Close].

  Floating a Palette Window

You can have the palette window float outside the confines of the docking area.

You can choose which windows to show depending on your editing needs.

If you'd like to reset the visibility and location of all the palette windows, go to [Window] → [Reset Palette Placement]