Create New

1. From the [File] menu, click [New]

2. Choose the Document Size you'd like to work with and click [OK]

Creating a project the same size as the artwork file makes it easier to position on the editing canvas.


1. From the [File] menu, click [Save]

2. The dialog to Save the project will allow you to choose the project name
Writing the desired file name will save the project, (the window may appear again to confirm adding the file extension)
using the same name of an existing file will overwrite that file.

When working on your project you may use [Save] often, it is also a good idea to use [Save As] every once in a while as well!
If you go to [File] and choose [Save As] on a project, it will automatically add an ascending number at the end of the file name.
This reduces the time and effort of manually adding numbers or changing the file name.

It is recommended to use this feature to make sure you do not overwrite a previous version, and help you to easily create several backups of your project during all the stages of development.