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12. Log and Tips Palette


The Log palette prints the processing that occurs in Modeler. 

Error message is displayed in red in this palette. 
These text would assist you in solving problems if you run into bugs. 

    Tips Palette

Tips palette displays suggestive messages in the time of work.

List of tips messages
 Message Related to Meaning
 Non-editable parameter  selection Parameters The selected object cannot be editted due to its parameter condition. To  be able to edit, set the parameter value to a valid key value assigned to  the object.
 Right-click to magnet snap to  value Parameters Right-clicking near a key value magnet-snaps to the value.
 不正なデフォーマ Deformers This occurs when an object is assigned to a parent deformer that does  not exist.
 デフォーマの変換に失敗 Deformers An error that occurs in SDK 1.0 mode. In which, an error occurs when the  child deformer exceeds the size of the parent deformer. 
 デフォーマの逆変換ができません Deformers The curved-surface deformer is corrupted. It occurs when reflect  transformation fails to perform properly.
 不正なクリップID Clip Vector版のデータを読み込んだ場合に、存在しない、または変換に失敗した
 不可視状態のクリップID Clip Vector版のデータを読み込んだ場合に、不可視のクリップIDを指定している場合
 データIDと、クリップIDが同じです。 Clip Vector版のデータを読み込んだ場合に、描画オブジェクトが、それ自身のIDを