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16. Link Display function

    Link Display button

On the Parts palette and the Deformer palette, there is a Link Display button. 

Parts palette Deformer palette

When switched on, the function is triggered whenever you select an object on the canvas. 

    Link display (Parts palette)

1. To enable link display, click on the "link" button.
(Please unlock all the parts at this moment)

2. While it is enabled, clicking a drawing object on the canvas will expand the family-tree in the Parts palette, presenting the parent-child link 
from the top layer (Parts) to the object selected (Drawing Object > object ID).

    Link display (Deformer palette)

1. To enable link display, click on the "link" button. 
(Please unlock all the parts at this moment)

2. The family tree of deformers expands to the selected deformer when it is selected on the canvas.

When both Parts and Deformer palette link display is enabled, both would respond to your action.

If the link button does not want to be enabled or disabled when switching to link display, try to disable it on both windows.