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14. Edit Palette


Settings of drawing objects and deformers are found in the Edit Palette.
Editable fields include the belonging Parts, ID, name, draw order, opacity, and parent deformer.

Selecting a deformer changes the palette content. 

  Basic Operation

 Operation  Function
 Parts select  Changing the belonging parts.
 Deformer select  Changing the parent deformer.
 Draw order  Changing the draw order by entering a number or by click-and-drag. 
 Clicking the arrow button on the right opens a menu, with buttons  which increases / decreases the draw order by a set value of 1, 10, or  100.

 Opacity   Changing the transparency of the drawing object by entering a  number or by click-and-drag.
 Number of conversion  divisions 
 (curved surface deformer only)
 Changing the number of conversion divisions of the deformer by  entering a number or by click-and-drag.

 Options button

 (※ PRO version only)

 Additional options for drawing objects.

 [ Culling ]
  ・When ON, drawing object in reversed state is invisible.
  ・When OFF, drawing object in reversed state is visible.

[ Blend mode ] 
 Changing the method of synthesis for drawing objects. For more    information, click here.

  Clipping Function

In Modeler 2.1, you may clip a drawing object to another by specifying the ID (of the base object) in the Clip ID field (in the Edit palette of the mask object). Select the object to be the mask, and set the ID of the object that defines the visibility boundary in the Clip ID field.
(This function puts a load on your processing power)

In addition, you can specify multiple base objects by entering their ID with a comma between each (for example: D_EYE.01, D_EYE.02 ...)

※ To use clipping, make sure that you are using SDK2.1 mode.