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03. Switching Editing Modes

    About Editing Modes

On the editing canvas, you have the option to select and modify Drawing Objects (Polygons) and Deformers.
The tools to work with each one have different functions.

When Editing a polygon or a Drawing Object, you are in [Drawing Object Editing Mode]
When Editing a Deformer, you are in [Deformer Editing Mode] 

    Drawing Object Editing Mode

When you click the arrow button on the toolbar, you will be in the drawing object edit mode.

Which means you control the vertices on each separate model part.

You can select the vertices in range by dragging the mouse to create a selection box.

With the update to [Modeler2.1], it is now possible to shrink, expand, and rotate any selected polygons on the canvas.

    Deformer Editing Mode

When you click the deformer Edit button in the toolbar, you will be in deformer edit mode.

Selecting a Deformer, you can now change the shape by dragging and/or rotating any of the corners, or modifying any of the points contained within the deformer itself.

You can choose which Editing Mode you'd like to be in by choosing the item from the list in the Parts Palette
Choosing a Deformer will switch to Deformer Editing mode, Choosing a model part will switch to Drawing Object Editing mode.

Additionally, you may like to use Shortcut Keys to streamline the modeling process even further.