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11. Deformer Palette


The deformer palette displays the hierarchy structure of deformers in your current project.
It helps identifying which deformer has control over which deformer(s).

  Basic Control

 Operation Function
 "+" Button Expands tree
 "-" Button Collapses tree
 Lock button (key lock icon) Locks / unlocks deformer
 Deformer Select
 (select all the while holding down the Shift  key,  you can partially selected by holding  down Ctrl key)
 Select the drawing object or deformer, or all of those  that  belongs to a "part"
 Select deformer + delete key Delete the selected deformer

When you select an deformer on the parts palette, the deformer is also selected on the canvas.

Group Operation  

The top of the palette has several group operation buttons. 

 Operation Function
 "-" button  Collapse all expanded branches
 Lock box (key lock icon) Lock / unlock all deformers
 Link display button (two ways  arrows) When enabled, upon selecting a deformer on the canvas, the  tree would automatically expand the list to branch out  towards the selected deformer.

    Setting parent-child relationship of deformers

One way to set the deformer's parent deformer by drag-and-dropping it onto another deformer.

Also, you can drag an object from the Parts palette and drop it on a deformer on the Deformer palette to set the parent.