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09. Canvas Palette

    About the Canvas Palette

The Canvas Palette is where the Live2D Model will be displayed
Most of the editing work is done here, such as manipulating polygons and deformer, and checking how the parameters effect the motions.

  Basic Operation of the Canvas Palette

 Mouse wheel scroll up and down Zoom in and Out of the canvas.
(Zoom in or Out at 1% increments by using left click and drag while holding down the D key on the keyboard)
(Ctrl + Space + Left Click will zoom in at 100% increments
 Ctrl + Alt + Space + Left Click will Zoom out at 100% increments)
 Space + left-click and drag Pan around the canvas
Right click dragging across the model
Selecting multiple drawing objects within the range of the selection box
Right Click

 Opens the sub-menu:

If clicked on a Drawing Object, the nearest Objects will appear in the list.
You can Select which drawing object to highlight, in case of overlapping layers.

  Ctrl + right-click (When on a drawing object)
pops up a list of drawing objects related to this one (In Object Editing mode)
Delete Key  Deletes the selected drawing object when in Drawing Object edit mode, or that object's deformers when in deformer editing mode.

  Magnification of the Canvas Palette

This is the Canvas Palette tool window (Shown at the bottom of the canvas palette

 Command Function
 Background  Change the background color (The colored square at the far left of the tool window)
 Zoom In
 enlarges the view of the canvas into the center
 Zoom Out Reduces the view of the canvas away from the center
 AllAutomatic zoom out to view the whole model
 CenterGoes to the center of the canvas regardless of the zoom in/out function
Full Scale
Displays the model at the original size

You can Change the color of the background using the colored square on the far left

  Object Hierarchy

Deformers that control objects can be affected by parent deformers, (such as a rotating neck deformer affecting the whole head, which has smaller deformers of the eyes, hair, mouth, etc)
You can see the succession of deformers affecting an object when you click it, by looking at the names of the deformers at the top of the canvas. clicking any of them will select that deformer for you to inspect and edit.

  Drawing Order of Objects (z-Order)

Objects are layered on top of each other in a certain order when importing the model, you can change that to fit the motions you want to achieve.
Select an object, and drag the red indicator (on the left of the Canvas Palette) upwards or downwards to change the drawing order of the object. this will make it show on top of, or hide below, other objects.