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06. Using Sample Settings

You can add sample mechanics by clicking [Project] on the top menu →  [Sample]  and browse the sample you want to implement.

The way the samples work is by recognizing the standard parameter ID and settings.
Hence, if your model has customized parameters, these sample mechanics may not perform properly. 

Motion : All
Adding all sample motions to your project. 

Physics : Hair
            Adding physics to the front bangs (hair_front), side hair (hair_side), and back hair (hair_back) corresponding to the X and Y face angle.
            The sample physics may not perform properly if your model has different ID and/or settings for those parameters.

Pose : Arm 
This mechanic recognizes the specific parts by their ID to interchange their visibility with each of their alternate counterpart.
These Parts have ID in a format like "PARTS_01_ARM_○○", "PARTS_01_ARM_L_○○", or  "PARTS_01_ARM_R_○○",
○○ is a series of alphabets or number, which helps the automatic assignment of Group Number. 
When there's a need for changing clothes texture for the model, the parent ID needs to be assigned manually.

Expression : Smile / Expression : Angry
Adding a sample smile and angry expression by configuring parameters of specific ID.
It would not perform properly if your model have modified IDs.

Motion : Idle 
            Adding a sample idle motion.
            To enable auto-loop playback to idle motion(s), go to the top menu and click [Animation]  →  [Idling Motion].

Motion: モーション : Yes / No / Question / Smile / Angry / Sigh
Adding individual sample motions.