03. Adding Physics to Motion (.mtn)

    Exporting motion file (mtn) from Viewer

Motion files (.mtn) are created and edited in Animator. This chapter explains how to add physics operation constructed in Viewer to the motion files when editing in Animator.
Applying physics in Animator allows you to render animation videos with physics operation. 

To do so, first we need to setup the operation in Viewer. Add the model file (.moc), physics (.json), and motion to be applied physics (.mtn)  to Viewer.
Select the motion file to be applied, and click "Record Parameter".

The following dialog appears. 

Check the box of which parameter you want the physics to apply on.

When ready, hit "OK". Your model would automatically perform the motion once to record the physics operation data.
※   During this process, do not touch the model.

Once the recording is completed, a data chart will appear. 
Click "Save" to save the physics data into the motion file.

※If you find the resulted motion not performing properly

Remember to not click on anything during the recording process.
Also, before you begin the recording, go to the top menu and click [Edit]. In the [Edit] menu, click on each option once - [Set Parameters as Default] and [Stop All Motions].