02. Easy Mode of Physics Settings

    Easy Mode of Physics Settings

To use Easy Mode for configuring the physics operation, check the box for [Easy Mode].

In the [Basic] tab, the [Easy Mode] option allows you to setup physics operation quickly. 
However, [Input] and [Output] tabs will be locked. You cannot configure the properties in detail.
You may unlock the tabs if you switch off [Easy Mode]. You can then customize the operation by changing individual values.
Please be aware that switching [Easy Mode] back on would overwrite all your custom adjustments. 

The following sample setup is the [Easy Mode] configuration for the bangs.

Input X1/X2
Parameters that contribute to the horizontal transformation (X-axis).
In this example, we need face Angle X (PARAM_ANGLE_X) and Body X (PARAM_BODY_ANGLE_X).

Input Z1/Z2
Parameters that contribute to the horizontal rotation (Z-axis).
In this example, we need face Angle Z (PARAM_ANGLE_Z) and Body Z (PARAM_BODY_ANGLE_Z).

The parameter to apply the physics.
For the front bangs, select "PARAM_HAIR_FRONT"; for the back hair, select "PARAM_HAIR_BACK".

Label Name
To edit the label name of the operation, right-click the label and click "Rename". Enter a name, and press "OK".