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01. Loading Model and Motion Data

    Loading Model

Launch Live2D Viewer and drag-and-drop the .moc file (the model) into Viewer.

TIPS!    You may also import the model settings (model.json) into Viewer.

Viewer allows you to import your model's settings file, such as the motions and expressions data, physics calculation, etc., in the format of .json.

When the model is loaded up, it shows as the following. 

When you hover your mouse over your model, it would track the cursor by turning its eyes, face, and body.

    Loading Motion Data

Motion data (.mtn) can also be read through drag-and-drop.

To execute a motion, double click the .mtn file.

    Idle Motion Auto Loop

When selecting a motion, its details are displayed as the following.
In the "Group" field, enter "idle'. This would categorize that motion as an "idle motion".

To enable idle motion(s) to auto loop, go to [ Animation ] on the top menu and select [ idling motion ].