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03. Export Expression

The expression made as an .mtn file can be converted into a JSON file in Viewer.
Viewer requires a .moc model file. Export the .moc file from Modeler.

    Launching Viewer and Model Import

First, launch viewer and open the .moc model file. You may drag-and-drop the .moc file into Viewer to open it.

    Reading Motion Data

On the top menu, click [Project]  →  [Read]  →  [Expression Motion] to import the .mtn expression file. 

The imported .mtn data is added to the [Expressions] folder in your project.

When you select an expression item, you can configure the fade-in/out rate (default as 500 ms) and parameter values. You may finalize the details here if needed.

 About Eye Open/Close

For expressions such as smile, frown, or surprised, the eyes would perform better at blinking when using the "Multiplication" method. 
It would look more natural. 

To set a parameter to "Multiplication" mode, right-click the parameter and select [Multiplication].

When a parameter is in "Multiplication" mode, the value would appear as blue.

    Exporting as JSON

To export the expression as a JSON file, on the top menu, click [Project]  →  [Write] →  [All Expressions]. All expression items listed in your project will be exported as JSON data files.