#05 GIF animation with Animator

Before we start, save the model file.
Go to the top menu, "File" → "Save"
Save it as "model.cmox".

    Creating a project

Start up Cubism Animator.
*Cubism comes in a 32bit version and 64bit version. Please use the 32bit version here.
 (The 64bit version has problem with the current version of QuickTime)
When the window below appears, click "Creating a New Project".

Opening the Scene Setting window, enter a scene name and click "OK"

Moving on to the Save File window, proceed by clicking "OK".

Open the "model.cmox" you created earlier. Go to the top menu, "File" → "Open". (Or you may also drag and drop the file into Animator)

The size of the model is too large for Animator's scene. Reduce the size of the model.
Scrolling the mouse wheel allows you to zoom in / out. Zoom out to see the full image of your model.
Drag one of the corner red dots to resize the model.

    Making it move

Represented in the Timeline palette, the movement of the model is created according to the setting of the model's parameters.
The image below is showing the model's state in the first frame on the timeline. 
Right click on the frame and select "Insert key frame". 

The key frame captures the current set of values in the parameters according to the parameter palette.
To animate a movement, select a difference frame and change the value of any parameter.
Then, press the play button, you should see an animation.

For this movement, the timeline scope is too wide, causing the video to be much longer than required. 
Scroll the mouse wheel while hovering on the timeline palette to zoom out and view the full length of the timeline.
To narrow the scope, drag the handle on the right edge of the green bar.

    Using the premade motions

You can adopt the motions of another project's model from its .canx file, so that you can make animation without creating your own motion.
Let's go to the Sample Collection Data page and download the sample model "Epsilon".

Extract the downloaded zip file, and open the file Epsilon_motions.canx.

            Select the model in the canvas.
            Go to the top menu, "Object", and select "Replace the material of selected model".
            Open your creation "model.cmox".

The model in-use is replaced by your model. 
However, the position and size are incorrect. Reposition and resize your model.
Drag the center of the model to move it. Drag the corner of the red frame to change the size.
Press the play button and you should see the model executing the template's motion already.

    Exporting as GIF

Go to the top menu
File → Export →GIF Animation
Select it.

At the following window, check the box for "Output Work Area" and then press "OK".

There is your GIF! Well done!