#04 Followup Refinement

After you've applied the template, you may still find some needs for further refinement. 
This sections offers a guide to general retouch methods.

    Reorganizing the parameters

Applying a template may add a few new parameters to your model. 
These newly introduced ones are located at the bottom of the parameter list.

To keep them organized, they should be relocated in a sensible order.

In the Parameters palette, click the "Set Parameter" button. 

"Set Parameter" window opens.
Scroll to the bottom of the chart to locate the new parameters which needs to be moved.

Select the parameters that you wan to move, and then click the "UP" or "Down" button at the bottom right corner to change their order.
(Left click while holding down "Shift" or "Ctrl" allows you to select multiple options at a time).

Rearrange them in a proper order like the image below.
When finished, click "OK" to leave.

    Modifying the eye

Eye is one of the common mistakes caused by applying template.

The drawing object requires correction.

1.Closed eye

Some visual of the texture underneath the eye lid is appearing in the closed eye state.
Also, the eyelash has distortion occurring.

Work on the polygons of the eyelid to make sure it does not expose the lower layers.

Reorganize the polygons of the eyelash.

2.Smiling eyes

Likewise, the eyelid and eyelashes need correction in the smiling state.
move the slider on the parameter "Eye R Smile" to the right (value to 1).

Cover up the eye white with the eyelid.

Straighten up the eyelash.

    Modifying the mouth

Like the eyes, different forms of the mouth often consist error.

This is how we can fix the mouth part.

1.Open Mouth

Open the mouth.
Problems become apparent. Begin correction.

TIPS 【Parameter Merge】
To combine two parameters, click on the left side of the parameter. 

Reshape the mouth parts to fit the shape defined by the lips.




2.Upper lip cover

Look at the area above the lips when the mouth is closed.
A little bit of the inner mouth is exposing.

When you shift the upper row of the polygons, try to match the structure of the lower rows'. 



3.Another open mouth

This time it is the open mouth in a different form.

Similarly, reshape the mouth pats so the inner mouth looks clean.



    Face movement correction

As you turn the head to the side, the mouth and eyes do not seem to go well.
In this example, you may find that lateral transformation is not enough. 

This error happened during the mouth size adjustment when applying the template model. 
During that time, the mouth and eyes have been re-sized into a smaller size. The lateral transformation is also scaled down along.
Vice versa, if they were enlarged instead, the lateral movement might have been too much.

1.Modifying the mouth movement

Under the Mouth part group, select the deformer that holds the mouth texture. Adjust the "Angle X" and "Angle Y" parameter and set its value to the left.

This fix can be simply done with the arrow keys.
Move the selected deformer along with its content by tapping on the arrow key. Be aware of the Zoom Factor.  (i.e. tap the arrow key 8 times... while Zoom Factor at 100%). 


Change to the upper left corner and move the mouth deformer.
Make the same lateral movement as previous (8 times to the left). 

Afterwards, do the lower left corner, too. Move the deformer to the left.
Make the same lateral movement as previous (8 times to the left). 

Next, apply the same fix to the right, upper right, and lower right angle. Tap the left arrow 8 times. 

2.Correcting the eyeball

Correct the placement of the eyeball by moving its belonging deformer with the same method you did to the mouth.

Use the arrow key to move the deformer.


Complete the other side as well.

    Modifying the arm

When you apply movement to the arm, sometimes the shoulder