#02 PSD Import Procedure

    Importing a PSD file to Modeler

Once you have prepared the PSD file, start up Cubism Modeler.

On the top menu, click "
File" → "PSD import", then select your PSD file.
※ You may also drag and drop the PSD file into Modeler.

    Settings for polygon distribution

After loading the PSD, a window appears and shows that the texture material and the polygon have automatically been generated.
※2016/02/08 recommend using the default values

The automated function is controlled by the settings under "Layout" and "Polygon".
The settings are listed below.

Texture Size 2048 Value range must be between 512 to 4096.
 The FREE version allows up to 2048.


 Margin Between Layers 10 The margin space between texture pieces.
 Allow Layer RotationDisabled (unchecked) To allow the texture pieces to be rotated for optimizing space usage.

 Boundary Margin (Outside) 6 The higher the value, the further of the peripheral polygons (surrounding the texture  piece) spread apart.
 Boundary Margin (Inside) 6 The smaller the value, the narrower the distance between the peripheral polygons and  the internal polygons. 
 ※2016/02/08 "Boundary Margin" is separated into (Outside) and (Inside) to be  operated individually . 
 Minimum Boundary Margin 2 Affects the boundary of polygons.
 Interval of Points
 30 The lower the value, the higher the density of vertices, hence more polygons.
 Interval Adjustment by Size
 2.00 Increase this value if you want to subdivide the polygons into smaller ones.
 The mouth images below compares the result between a value of "2.00" to "3.00".
 The one on the right offers better control than the left. Be aware that this adjustment      also affects other body parts on the texture material. It is advised to pick a balancing  point.

 Minimum Number of Points  on Boundary 5 Affects the smaller texture pieces, controlling the minimum amount of points
 surrounding each of them.
 Alpha Value 0 Determines area of lower opacity to be omitted for dust-cleaning purpose.

 Set Drawing Order  Automatically Enabled (checked) When enabled, the drawing order of each texture part is automatically assigned into  different layers upon import.
 When disabled, all drawing orders is set to 500. 

 Resize Ratio  Informs the aspect ratio of the texture material. If the ratio is 100%, then the texture material is optimized  (otherwise the outcome quality would be reduced).

    Placement in the canvas

When you are satisfied with the preview, click "OK" button at the bottom.

Afterwards, drawing objects (character parts) will be assembled and layered according to your PSD file.

Importing a PSD file creates a new parts group called "PSD" in the "Parts" palette, and places all the drawing objects into parts groups.