#04 Implement an original model

Let's replace the sample model with another model.
In this tutorial, we will change the model into another sample model, Hatsune Miku.
You may implement your own model through this method. The procedure would be exactly the same!

    Changing to Hatsune Miku                                

 (1)Go to Live2D Sample Data Collection to download Hatsune Miku

 (2)Start up Live2D Cubism Modeler , then drag-and-drop the Hatsune Miku model file into the Canvas.

 (3)Go to the top menu, then select"File" >  "Export .moc File"

 (4)Create a new folder, and save your moc files in it.

 (5)Browse the folder that you've just created, and add ".bytes" to the end of the name of your .moc file.

(6)Open the demo project in Unity. Then, drag-and-drop your model's folder into the "Project view".

(7)Select "Live2DModel" in your "Hierarchy view". The sample model's information is displayed  in the "Inspector" panel.

(8)From the "Project view", drag-and-drop your model's .moc file into the "Moc File" field under "Inspector".

(9)In the "Size" field under "Inspector", change the value to "1". Then, drag-and-drop the texture_00 image (in the folder model.1024) into the field "Element 0".

(10)Press the "Run" button on the top. You should see the model has been replaced. Try to click and drag around!

※ WebPlayer demo is available, click here

(11)Again, press the "Run" button to stop

For the next chapter, we will learn how to run it on the Web as a standalone page!