#02 Live2D SDK for Unity

    About Live2D SDK
  • A toolkit that allows the Live2D model to be interactive on smartphones and game consoles
  • The sample codes are also available for free♪

    Download Live2D SDK
Apply for the trial version of the SDK on Live2D's download site.
The application form and process are simple.
Simply answer a questionnaire, and you shall obtain the SDK!

(1)On the SDK download page, click on the "Download" button 

(2)Read through the licence agreement, then check the box for "I agree to all terms in this Agreement" and click "Next"

( 3 )Fill in the questionnaire. Select the purpose of usage and your email address. 

( 4 )Extract the zip file. You should see its content as the following.

Now we have ourselves the SDK. Next, we will try to use the SDK to make a sample model move.