#01 Installing Unity

    Unity the game engine

  • A free game development environment (used for PC, consoles, mobile devices and websites)
  • Visual-based offers game making less programming work
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
Hence, building a Live2D app is simple and free!


Let's get Unity right away.
First, go the following website to download Unity.
Open the downloaded file to install

Go through the setup process. The default settings are fine.

Enter a destination folder to install Unity, otherwise go with the default.

Complete the installation by pressing the "Finish" button. Unity should start up automatically.
※ At launch, you will be prompted to "Choose a version of Unity". Create a Unity account.
Follow the next two steps:

   (1)Enable (Check the box for) "Activating Unity Free" and proceed by pressing "OK"
   (2)Enter your email and create a password

Now you have completed the installation.
For next, download the Live2D SDK.