Having Fun with Unity

  • Learning how to incorporate a Live2D model into Unity for Unity beginners.
  • Briefly get into the sample codes, in a reading friendly to non-programmers.

 #01 Installing Unity
Unity is a free cross-platform game engine. 
Getting started is very simple, so let's begin with the installation!
Time needed: 5 minutes 

 #02 Live2D SDK for Unity
Download and install this kit in order to run the Live2D tool in Unity. 

Time needed: 5 minutes

 #03 Test run with the sample project
Making the sample Live2D model move in Unity.
Try out the mechanics such as breathing, eye blinking, mouse tracking, and other simple operations.
Time needed: 5 minutes

 #04 Implement an original model
Replacing the sample model with an original one. 
Doing this through the GUI, not the codes. 
Time needed: 10 minutes

 #05 Exporting to the Web
Display your Unity project on the web.
This requires Unity Web Player to execute.
Time needed: 10 minutes

 #06 (Bonus) Diving into the codes
Explaining the mechanics inside the script. 

Time needed: 10 minutes